On Winter

The few weeks I spent in the USA over Christmas were not just a literal winter for me, but a symbolic one as well. The sort of winter where you’ve spent far too much time outside and you are chilled all the way through. The only thing to do is come inside and rest. Warm … Continue reading On Winter

Agnes + Bea

Agnes and Beatrice are two of the women I admire and respect most in Uganda. Not only are they incredibly hardworking and kind, they genuinely love beads. It’s a strange obsession- I have it too. Over the years, these two ladies have constantly shown a desire to learn. They spend nearly all of their free … Continue reading Agnes + Bea

Why Zwervend?

Zwervend. It’s the Dutch word for wandering, though not quite the same as the English equivalent; it goes beyond aimlessness to carry a sense of being without a home, without roots. Home doesn’t mean any concrete thing, not to me. It is constantly being redefined. I was born on the East Coast of America, spent my early … Continue reading Why Zwervend?